Hello, I'm Daniel Gallegos, a UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developer based in Grand Rapids, MI.
I specialize in user-centered digital experiences that captivate and move brands forward.

With more than a decade of experience I’ve designed and developed responsive web apps, assembled and led teams, built ideas from the ground up and transformed concepts into fruition. My distinctive workflow helps me evolve brands for the future by utilizing the latest design trends, ux/ui tools and development technologies.

For last five years my skill set has grown in non traditional career paths, from a UI designer to Project Manager and to leading a design team. I collaborate with awesome people, creative teams, and businesses that want to move forward.

My ‘aha moment’ started when I was 16 years old building my very first website; a website dedicated to my interests in art and anime. By the time I graduated high school I’ve built a personal website and created an online anime community forum. I’ve done all this on my own, mind you this was before YouTube and the plethora of online resources. My drive to learn and connect the dots has always been there and to this day it hasn’t changed.

When I’m not “working” I like to cook, drink green tea, getting involved in the gamer community and contributing to art and design-related side projects. I currently live with my girlfriend and two Pomeranians, Dolce and Epyon. Check them out @wittlewulf.


Brand Identity





I focus my process on user-centered design principles and agile methods to define, learn and deliver usable experiences.


I start out my process by learning about who I’m designing for, what industry and analyzing the market competition. Steps to take are creating surveys, self-documentation, vision boards and UX observations.


By Understanding the user and analyzing requirements we can begin to define what problems need to be solved and prioritize goals. Steps to take are creating personas, user journeys and user flows.

UX/UI Design

In this stage we can begin putting our ideas together and start building out wireframes, prototypes, mockups and visual designs. It’s important to gather feedback to further improve the user experience.


The development process begins by taking created designs and prototypes to build out the pixel perfect product. A staging environment is created for testing and usually private for internal validation. Using the agile methodology we can start building sprints and set timelines.


Lastly, we have our pixel perfect product and it’s ready for deployment. We push the staging environment into a production environment where it’s public and ready for users. Now we monitor, observe user behavior to further improve the product.

Let's work together.

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